About the Office

About the Office
The Henry County Circuit Court Clerk's office maintains the dockets and records resulting from the orderly progression of the cases in court. The Clerk is also responsible for all administrative matters and serves as a goodwill ambassador for the public. In Henry County, the Circuit Court Clerk manages the Circuit Court office, General Sessions and the Juvenile Court Clerk's offices, with the assistance of nine deputy court clerks.

Efficient Administration
The Clerk's office has a positive reputation throughout the 24th Judicial District for its integrity, accuracy and ability to execute the tremendous workload of the General Sessions, Circuit and Juvenile courts. Last year alone the offices combined processed over 20,000 case transactions.

Accurate Recordkeeping, Fiduciary & Jury
Circuit Court and Juvenile Court are referred to as courts of record, requiring more formalized procedures. Court proceedings are documented and maintained for public availability and are referred to as the minutes. General Sessions Court is less formalized and processes its cases in a more expedient manner due to volume and severity of the charge(s). It is imperative that the records of the Clerk's office are organized and accurate.

All of the court offices maintain a general ledger to record all fines, fees, costs, and restitution collected by the courts. These records are maintained by state required audit standards in each office.

The Clerk's office also serves in a fiduciary capacity to invest funds when awarded for the benefit of a third party, typically the victim in a case suffering damages, or a minor child.

Additionally, the Circuit Court Clerk is the jury coordinator, responsible for preparing citizens to serve on jury duty when a jury trial is required. Technology, Compliance & Succession Office technology, compliance, personnel, succession planning, cross training, and all administrative duties of the office are the responsibility of the Clerk.

We've been very fortunate to acquire many new levels of technology in all of our courts. Courtroom recording equipment in Circuit Court, video evidence presentation equipment, Juvenile Court data software & new video arraignment equipment for both General Sessions and Juvenile Court are all now a part of our systems. Much of this was accomplished through state awarded grants.