Traffic School

Traffic School Information
At times you may be allowed to take a traffic school class in order to satisfy your obligation to the court. This will be discussed and available during your time in front of the judge on your court date. If you are allowed and agree to do so in order to fulfill the court's requirements, the information to contact those agencies are listed below.

The Court Clerk's Office nor the Judge schedule or monitor the classes. It is the defendant's responsibility to schedule, complete and provide proof of completion to the court. The class must be certified by the State of Tennessee. Those agencies are linked below.

The list below is just a portion of the classes certified in Tennessee. You may visit the full list of agencies by using the following link:

It is the responsibility of the defendant to make sure a copy of the certification of completion is received by the Clerk's office prior to your court date, even if you are told the agency will do that on your behalf. Please include a phone number where you can be contacted.

Send certificate of completion to:
General Sessions Court Clerk
PO Box 429
Paris, TN 38242
Fax to: (731) 644-7312
Phone: (731) 642-0461